Mint Leaves For Acne Scars

By on May 4, 2014

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Believe it or not, mint is an excellent herb that cures skin ailments and infections such as acne, heat bumps and burns. When you suffer from acne, more than the irritation it is the fear of the ugly scars that frustrate you. Acne not only irritates and pains, but also leaves an ugly scar behind if not treated with care. But, there is no need to worry. Set aside your anxiety and get some fresh mint leaves. They can do magic to lighten your acne scars very naturally. Let us check a super duper acne curing mint recipe now. You can use this by itself or in addition to your acne scar removing products. Use it daily to see maximum results!

Things you will need

A bunch of fresh mint leaves
Some fresh water
A wide bowl
A blender

How to prepare

Rinse the mint leaves and separate them from the stems. Collect the leaves in a bowl
Now blend these leaves until smooth, sprinkling water in between if necessary
That’s it! you’re done. Store this mint paste in refrigerator.

Ways to use:

As mentioned you can use this mint paste alone or in combination with other acne removing products. Check some ideas below.

For Oily Skin

Mix a teaspoon of mint paste with a teaspoon of fullers earth (multani mitti) or gram flour (besan). Add rose water to make a smooth paste. Use this as your regular face pack every evening.

For Dry Skin

Add few drops of honey to a teaspoon of mint leaves paste. If your skin is extra dry, put in some cream and use it as your face pack. Make sure to concentrate more on the scars.

For Normal Skin

Simply apply this paste over cleansed skin. It’s better if you leave this paste on your scars overnight. Wash it off with fresh water in the morning.

So, what is your skin type and how are you going to include mint in your skin care regimen. Use mint on your acne scars everyday for a month and let us know your ‘clear’ results! Good luck!