Natural Flowering Cheeks

By on October 29, 2011

 Natural Flowering Cheeks

For natural rosey cheeks, make sure you remove any leftovers on the application brush before you apply blush. This will gurantee and even application and eliminate uneven colors.

Apply the blush on the tip of you cheek and the carefull blend it with you hair line

If you have a light and dark colors of blush, start by applying the dark shade first and then use th lighter shade to highlitght the tip of the cheek, the chin, and the forehead. Blend the colors carefully to avoid any hard lines.

If you want to find out where you should highlight your cheeks, bend over and stay down for around one minute. The blood flow to the head will make your cheeks glow. As you come up check the area where your cheeks are rosey. This is where you should apply blush to look natural.

You should make sure the blush and foundation blend well or you will look unnatural not to mention older.