Peace in the room comes with order

By on October 21, 2011

Your room must be like the perfect place to which you arrive to get a little peace, tranquility and a good night’s sleep you need after a long day. Something that is impossible when you clean and dirty clothes on the floor of clutter on your bedside table and pieces of clothing out of dresser drawers. It is for these moments when you want to order, here is a quick list of tips to make your room stay with the order you need.

peace in the room comes with order Peace in the room comes with order

Use the space you have under the bed: You can buy those boxes of plastic or wood that is the right size to fit under the bed to put the clothes in the season that you’re using and other items that do not use very frequency. Make sure everything is washed before putting into the box and put some element of moth repellent.

Put things needed in your bedside table so you do not have to get up constantly: you should put things on the bedside table to use after going to bed, such as lip balm, hand cream and foot, a mask to cover your eyes and ear plugs if you use them.

Leave too far into the night table: In addition to the creams you need at your bedside table should only have important things like a book, a small photo, a bottle or glass of water, an alarm clock and your glasses. Everything else will surely find a place elsewhere in the room.

Dividers installed in your drawers: in shops at home, you can find divisions drawer so you have separate areas for your socks, your underwear and your bras. However, you should make sure that the dividers are made ​​of plastic, wood, because those can hurt some items to remain entangled in them.