Perfect your brows!

By on October 20, 2011

1. Finding your length/arch(the good old pencil trick you probly already know!): To find out where your brows should begin and end, and where the highest point should be (the arch) grab a pencil, or a stick or a syringe or whatever and hold it against your nose like so-
IMG 0758 Perfect your brows! this will tell you where your brows should begin.
Now move it so it is against your nostril and in front of your pupil- IMG 0759 Perfect your brows!
this is where your ideal arch should be.
Last move so it lines up with the outside corner of your eye like this-
IMG 0760 Perfect your brows!
great! now onto the shaping (dun dun dun)
2. Tweezing(I lost the pic for this step)Get some sharp tweezers and a brow brush. Brush your brows upwards (theres a pic of this down there somewhere) so you can see the natural arch under your brow. Tweeze strays by grabbing as close to the base as possible, pulling WITH the direction of hair growth horizantal to the skin. NOT straight up. Under no circumstances should you shorten your brows more than a haid or two- unless of course they are clear into your hairline or something. Why you ask?
Because lengthening brows makes eyes look big, wide and HOT. You know that girl with the short tadpole shaped brows? so sad. dont do that to yourself.
sorry im rambling.
3. Trimming! (most important in IMO)
I use beard trimming scissors, they are a good size and nice and sharp.You can get them at most drugstores. Brush your brows upwards again and lay your scissors against your skin with the angle of your brow:
IMG 0701 Perfect your brows!
snip in a clean line, taking a little off at a time- you cant put it back!
For the left brow i have to do a double handed thing since its kinda backwards. So i hold the hairs up with my brush and cut them with my scissors. (duh)
IMG 0703 Perfect your brows!
Now they are trimmed equally- this is how it looks.
IMG 0704 Perfect your brows!

4.Color: Im using milani easybrow in natural taupe, they are three dollars and stay on real well. So first i draw a little horizantal line on the bottom inside, kind of connecting the hairs together.
IMG 0705 Perfect your brows!
it should look like this:
IMG 0706 Perfect your brows!
then from there i do short gentle strokes from that line up into the brow to fill the corner in. Think like your really drawing little hairs in.
IMG 0707 Perfect your brows!
Then i comb/brush all the color together to soften it.
IMG 0709 Perfect your brows!
Now i fill in the gaps on the “tail” of the brow (mostly a scar from a very unfortunate eyebrow peircing 5 years ago)Soft short strokes like your drawing hairs again. And brush that a little.
IMG 0712 Perfect your brows!
Now brow gel helps hold in color and shape.
IMG 0713 Perfect your brows!
i press and smooth it all down with my finger-
IMG 0714 Perfect your brows!
IMG 0723 Perfect your brows!
and then with some makeup
IMG 0738 Perfect your brows!

heres what i used:
IMG 0725 Perfect your brows!

EDIT: I forgot something really important! To help grow in sparse brows- gently massage them every day with your fingers or a brow brush- it really helps stimulate the follicles. I had some empty spots for years and once i started penciling/brushing them they began to grow- so when i wash my face i give the a good rub! Now they are almost all back!