Perfectly Polished Nails

By on October 29, 2011

 Perfectly Polished Nails

If you are looking for healthier nails or a stunning pedicure or manicure, you can get there by following these must-know tips:

1- Clean and buff your nails regularly because it improves blood circulation and encourages growth. Note that you should not go overboard because you could weaken the nail.

2- You can place a drop or two of nail polish remover into your nail polish bottle to make use of a couple of extra applications. Mix them well before you apply.

3- Instead of shaking the bottle to even out the color of your nail polish, roll the bottle in the palm of your hand. This will prevent air bubbles from gathering inside the bottle.

4- When filling your nail, stick to one direction. Going back and forth will cause the nail to break over time.

5- Massage Vaseline over your nails and into you cuticles at least once per week. You can go for twice a week for better results. Vaseline helps nourish the nails and encourages growth.

6- Always start by applying a base coat followed by 2 coats of color and finally a top coat. You need the base coat to protect your nails from yellowing. It also helps the polish last longer. The two coats of color are needed for even smooth coverage and the top coat makes your nails shine.

7- Always let you nails dry before putting on any shoes. The polish might feel dry, but wearing shoes in the first hour can cause marks and scars on your nails.