Perfumes for girls

By on December 8, 2011

 Perfumes for girls

Perfumes from natural odorants like sandalwood or musk were preferred. In today`s world due to illegal trafficking and species endangerment, natural odorants are replaced by synthetic aromatics. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Aromas like musk from natural ingredients are extremely complex and have been impossible to imitate through synthetic aromatics like nitro-musks or macrocyclic musks. On the other hand, synthetic aromas like ozone, marine, metallic, etc., have no parallel olfactory relationship in the natural odorants.
So nowadays with modern technology of perfume manufacturing and synthetic aromas, new categories have been created. Categories that can be best described as: 1 – Bright Floral – very popular and meant for almost everyone and all occasions; 2 – Woody – it evokes the forest refreshing smell; 3 – Green – it has a lighter fragrance and is meant for casual wear; 4 – Oceanic – it is very popular among the younger generation; 5 – Spicy Fruit – a good choice for tropical weather or during summer; 6 – Oriental – it is meant for special occasions. Spicy scents.
It is very important the composition of perfumes, because the right combination of scents (as rose, jasmine, cola), modifiers (esters), blenders (linalool, hydroxycitronellol) and fixatives(like resins, wood scents and amber), can provide the unique smell by which brand name perfumes are so famous and desired for. Some famous brand name perfumes .

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 Perfumes for girls

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