Protect Your Lips

By on October 29, 2011

 Protect Your Lips

Everybody knows how important it is to protect the skin from exposure to the sun for extended periods of time. However, our lips are much more at risk to develop skin cancer from the rest of the body. The skin on the lips is very thin and delicate making them very vulnerable when exposed to the sun.

Whether your out on the beach or skiing slopes, remember the following tips to learn how to protect your lips:

1- Lip-gloss can intensify the effect of the sun on your lips. Some scientist claim that is like putting a magnifying glass between your lips and the sun. Therefore, if you are going to wear lip-gloss to the beach, choose one that includes high SPF.

2- If your favourite lip-gloss does not have SPF in it, you must find a base-layer lip balm that has it to make sure your lips are protected. The agreed-upon recommendation is to wear a lip-balm that has at least level 30 SPF in it. Its not for protection only, lip balms keep the lips moisturized also.

3- Replace lip gloss with lipstick when possible. Lipstick has more color than lip-gloss and will reflect the sun rays away.