Receivers with style, how to achieve

By on November 30, 2011

Upon entering a place, what’s the first thing you notice? Without a doubt how is decorated the receiver or corridor Welcome. This small space can become a very important point in the general style of the environment as shown as the beginning of the rest of the decor.

corridor decor01 Receivers with style, how to achieve

The arrangement of this should not clash with the rest of the design, but can vary within attachments and accessories. The pictures on the walls can be a good idea but do not forget the paint or wallpaper background should be combined with the rest.

A small table is ideal to be affixed to the wall. There may serve to put some picture frames, vases or just keep it empty to put everything you take in the morning.

The visual impact of the hall must be present throughout the decor. Most of the time you use neutral colors and relaxing. Combination in darker shades are good choice if you live in very humid areas, as being the first room of the house is where all the dirt and grime left.

corridor decor02 Receivers with style, how to achieve

For walls we recommend a small hanger for coats, bags and hats. And some choose to place a small closet where to store coats, jackets or a jersey. Everything depends on the type of construction and style you’ve chosen in general.

If space is a problem you can make the most commanding buying or making furniture. So avoid protruding corners or edges and also uncomfortable ensure optimization of the environment.