Remedy to treat combination skin

By on October 18, 2011

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Combination skin can be a real problem, it tends to rub faster, pimples and points blacks are still there and unfortunately if stressed, just not to miss anything, it also tends to dry out and crack. Treat this t. .. ype of skin requires a careful choice of products that are used for cleansing, moisturizing and for the creation of make-up, and this is not enough, very often you need to change your skincare routine cyclically so to “meet” the needs of the skin, such as moisturizer and foundation should be changed with the change of season.

Let me give you a range of advice for the treatment of this type of skin cleansing, starting from up to the time of the creation of make-up.
How to cleanse and hydrate combination skin?
cleansing oily skin
To cleanse the skin properly mixed, you must use products that combine a cleansing with a gentle formula. Avoid harsh cleaners as they may trigger additional excess sebum production and likewise stay away from oil-based cleaners in your case because it could clog the pores. Equally important is the choice of moisturizer, I recommend you opt for a specific product and to prefer the moisturizing formula with fluid. In any case, avoid too rich and thick cream.

Realization of the make-up base
The main problem with the trick when you have combination skin and glossy area t. To avoided this problem is necessary to conduct make-up base targeted. If you perform the trick for a special evening apply a mattifying primer, in all other cases use a matte foundation and oil-free makeup with a fixed increasingly opaque powder, and if so the excess sebum continues to torment you can use the sera anti-lucidity.

Masks and shock treatments
To purify combination skin and very important to remove dead skin cells making a good scrub followed by a specific mask. In the market you can find many masks, but you can also try your hand at DIY, there are many “recipes” of remedies for combination skin. The classic clay mask, white or green or even better mixed, it is always very effective to purify the skin, a slice of cucumber or potato on your face increased sebum regulator has a good effect, and if you want to try it with something more complex You can make a pumpkin mask, you need 15 minutes of time, a slice du pumpkin, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 of yogurt.