Remove Your Hair Color

By on December 26, 2011

wash hair  Remove Your Hair Color

Tips for successful hair color removal:

  1. Always strand test before you try any hair color removal
  2. Deep conditioning with a low pH conditioner after hair color removal helps protect your hair as well as return it to natural softness and shine.
  3. Remember to protect your clothing from hair color removal products. Even tomato juice can leave a nasty stain!
  4. Precisely follow the directions on all hair color removal products.
  5. Do not use hair color removal products on henna. Henna is unpredictable and can leave you with unusual results!
  6. Keep hair color removal products away from your eyes. Don’t ever use them on lashes or brows.
  7. Don’t use bleach for hair color removal. Bleach helps artificial colors penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and weakens the hair shaft, causing even more damage.