Ribbon Weaving

By on May 30, 2011


  • A wrapped present

  • 2 rolls of ribbon in complementary colours to suit your wrapping paper

  • Double sided tape

  • Scissors


Wrap three lengths of alternating colored ribbon around your present.

unique gift wrapping ideas weave 1 Ribbon Weaving

Secure each ribbon at the back with double sided tape.

I like to secure the end of each ribbon together, but not attach the ribbons to the present itself. This allows you to alter the spacing of the ribbons after you have completed weaving.

unique gift wrapping ideas weave1b Ribbon Weaving

With another length of ribbon, weave it perpendicular to the first 3 ribbons, “under, over, under”.

unique gift wrapping ideas weave2 Ribbon Weaving

With 2 more lengths of ribbon, weave them on either side of the previous ribbon, in an “over, under, over” fashion.

unique gift wrapping ideas weave 3 Ribbon Weaving

Turn your gift over, and weave the ribbon ends on the other side.
Secure with double sided tape.

unique gift wrapping ideas weave4 Ribbon Weaving

A quick and easy unique gift wrapping idea that looks fabulous!
Leave the ribbons together, like this….

unique gift wrapping ideas weave5 Ribbon Weaving

…or spread out the ribbons and allow some of the wrapping paper to show through the weave.

unique gift wrapping ideas weave7 Ribbon Weaving

Now you have a unique, beautifully wrapped present that is sure to impress icon smile Ribbon Weaving