Romantic Hearts Anklet

By on September 7, 2011

This hearts anklet is quite easy to make. Yet when you wear it around your ankle, it does do things to it – giving your ankle a rather delicate look and feel – making you want to dance, maybe.

So make one today and wear it with a pair of high heel sandals and show off your slender legs. It has a rather romantic vintage look because of the copper chain and findings I used for this project. Especially so with the pearlescent heart beads.

Note: You can view a bigger version of this anklet by placing your curser on the image and click. A new window will open with the bigger image. When finished viewing, just close the window and come back here to study the rest of the instructions.

hearts anklets sm Romantic Hearts Anklet

Jewelry making suppliers for making this anklet:

1. 5 tiny pearlescent heart beads

2. 5 copper head-pins (those with flat top)

3. 1 copper clasp

4. 7 copper jump rings

5. flat nosed pliers

6. round nosed pliers

7. cutter

Jewelry making instructions for making this anklet:

1. Test the copper clasp to make sure that it’s working properly.(You do not want to finish making this anklet and find that the clasp is not working properly.)

2. Attach a jump ring to each end of the copper chain.

3. Attach the clasp to the chain. (Refer to How To Attach Clasps.)

4. Prepare the 5 pearlescent heart beads with head pins to make 5 beaded drops. (Refer to How To Make Beaded Drops.)

5. Attach these beaded drops onto the chain at regular interval.

You can also add more beads to the anklet. Here’s one example – I added some leaf drops to it.


hearts leaves anklets Romantic Hearts Anklet