Royal Wedding , Kate Middleton Makeup

By on October 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Kate Middleton Wedding Hairstyle 500x775 Royal Wedding , Kate Middleton Makeup

Kate, the newly appointed duchess of cambridge kept her natural look on her wedding day by doing her own makeup for the royal wedding. She insisted that “she knows her own face” and believes that no makeup artist can make her look better than she can.

There were rumors that she might have taken some private lessons before the wedding day, but it is sure that she was the one holding the makeup brushes and pens on the wedding day. She created a light smokey eye look and popped out her beautiful cheeks using a pink blush close to the color used as lipstick.

Her Manicure was done by Artist Marina Sandoval. Marina used a custom color combination to give Kate the ivory color she was looking for on her wedding day.

The Duchess’ hair was done by stylist James Pyrce.

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