Sandals Chain

By on September 7, 2011

This sandals anklet is just right for walking along the seashore. It’s made of non-tarnished metal and therefore will not get rusty and you won’t be afraid that it will get wet unlike the leather anklet.

sandals anklets sm Sandals Chain

Jewelry Making Suppliers:

1. 1 clasp

2. 1 sandals charm

3. 9 inch chain

4. 3 jump rings

5. round nosed pliers

6. flat nosed pliers

7. cutter

Jewelry Making Instructions:

1. Test clasp to make sure that it is working properly.

2. Attach a jump ring to each end of the 9 inch chain.

3. Attach the clasp to the chain. (Refer to How To Attach A Clasp)

4. Attach one jump ring to the sandal charm.

5. Attach the sandals charm to the chain about one inch from the clasp.

And now you have your dainty sandals anklet to wear to the beach or just with your Japanese slippers around the house.