Secret For The Perfect Legs

By on October 28, 2011

 Secret For The Perfect Legs

1- Moisturization: The brightness of a moisturizer will make your legs look beautiful. The Lotion will make thems mooth. During summers ue hish SPF lotions for protection. Use generous amounts when moisturizing.

2- Exfoliate: Exfoliate three times a week. This will remove dead skin cells that look dull. There are two ways to exfoliate the skin. The first is mechanical where you use a sponge, salt,brushes, and exfoliation creams. The other is chemical and uses a kind of acid to get rid of the dead skin

3- Be careful during hair removal: If you shave, takcare and avoid cuts and removing healthy skin layers. Take your time shaving to insure smooht legs. Makesure you are not allergic to the shaving cream or the wax you use. Alternativly you can wax which is a great way to get smooth and hiny legs and they will remain that way for a longer time.

4- Excersise: Excersise your legs to make them look firm and in shape. Target the butt and thighs mainly.

5- Tan: Tan our legs a bit to get a nice color, but do not over do it.