Simple Dangling Earrings

By on September 7, 2011

Simple dangling earrings enhance your look as they dangle on your ear-lobes. These earrings are the rage in town. Whether out shopping, working in the office or dancing at the pub, they look great on any girl. Somehow, earrings that dangle make a girl look so elegant and carefree.

So make a few pairs for yourself, wear them and let them dangle as you dance the night away.


dangling earrings 1s Simple Dangling Earrings

Jewelry Making Supplies:

1. ear hooks

2. 2 nos. 4mm beads

3. 2 nos 1 inch chain

4. 2 nos. glass drops

5. 2 nos. clear color seed beads

6. 2 nos. eye pins

7. 2 nos. head pins

Jewelry Making Instructions:

1. Make 2 beaded links with the 4mm beads (refer instructions on how to make beaded links)

2. Make 2 beaded drops with the glass drops and seed beads. (refer instructions on how to make beaded drops)

3. Attach the beaded link to one end of the chain.

4. Attach the beaded drop to the other end of the chain to create a dangle.

5. Attach the dangle to the ear hook.

6. Repeat step 3 to 5 for the other earring.

That’s it! Your pair of antique looking dangling earrings is complete. Add them to your antique jewelry stash and when you want to have that antique look, well, you have these glass beads earrings to give you that look.

So have fun! Make more!