Simple Sexy And Slightly Messy Ways To Create An Updo

By on December 21, 2011

Actress Scarlett Johansson has to look good wherever she goes, since paparazzi will jump out of nowhere to take her picture. Scarlett has great hair to begin with; naturally wavy and thick enough for volume. For her, just running her fingers through those luscious locks like a comb, and then bringing all of her hair up to secure with hair-pins, results in a glamorous profile.

But for most of us, a few salon style products can help add volume if our hair is too thin, or smooth out hair that is too curly or kinky. Today’s updo hairstyles aren’t about being perfectly set with every hair in place, because styles have changed. Hair that is put into good condition and then smoothed, with just waves from the hairline to a bit more curly at the ends will give you all kinds of dynamite to work with!

An iron-curler is the handiest way to make quick curls, but be careful not to scorch your hair. In my opinion, healthy, shiny hair is always the first step needed before styling your hair. Any conditioner that you just leave on a few minutes longer than called for, and rinsed out well, will tame that hair so it glistens.

Try loosely putting your hair into a high ponytail, making sure not to pull any of the hair tightly, and not wrapping the band too tightly, either. Then just separate the ponytail into two or three sections, twist each once or twice, and pin them loosely near the crown, letting each one separate into curls at the ends.

scarlett johansson updo hairstyles 2 Simple Sexy And Slightly Messy Ways To Create An Updo

One great idea that Scarlette Johansson uses a lot, is adding little rhinestone clips here and there to her messy updo. You can find rhinestone barretts, hair-pins, combs and clips at low prices in any drugstore. A large, decorated butterfly clip that holds all your hair up and away from your face is a very simple way to look fabulous for a party! Try using several small, decorated butterfly clips or barretts to hold separate strands up and back. Slightly messy is good, but you can go for a straight, smoothe look also.

The same idea can work great if you begin with a loose ponytail, but fasten at the nape of your neck, either in the center back, or to one side. Then repeat with the two or three sections, give a twist, then pin each in a slightly different area to form a flower shape. As long as the outer hair is smooth to reflect the light, you’re good. Inside that updo can be semi-teased hair to create volume.

Then, give a light dusting of hair spray. For really special occasions, sprinkle a little glitter on the top and sides of your head. Not too much, as it should just glimmer as you move. Now you look MAR-VE-LOUS!