Skincare During Winter

By on November 27, 2011

 Skincare During Winter

he soft chime of the Christmas bells the distant cathedral towers are already bringing in a touch of festivity to the short sunny afternoons that tend to melt away into cold evenings. The fun of celebration and the pain in bidding goodbye to the century is here. And each of us would like to good in the millennium. But as the dry northerly winds brings in an ill omen for your skin, you must be ready with your army of moisturizers, cold creams and cleansing milk to fight away the elements that try to turn your glowing skin into a dry and parched piece of dirt. And if you are not, you better be prepared. For an youthful and healthy skin not only reflects your beauty, it also enhances your personality, turning you into an element of eternal attraction. Hope you wouldn’t be able to resist yourself from being called the star of the evening!

In the days of our mothers and grandmothers, skin care started since childhood. Massaging a body oil and keeping it lying in the open, under the sun, was a regular practice. It not only helped in pigments to synthesize the vital Vitamin D needed for the baby’s bones. With maturity, the teenage girl would be asked to pamper her skin with pastes of turmeric, besan and fresh cream. In those days these simple products were just brought in from the kitchen and never sold in attractive containers with costly herbal labels on them.
But with the changing scenario of the hectic city life seems to sqeeze out all the energy and youth left in you.
The pollution and the dirt is the worst enemy of your skin. Morever, busy working women no longer have time to pamper themselves with home-made products. What they can find time for is just a visit to the parlor, a quick facial and then probably an application of a popular night cream at night during the dry winter months. 

Though synthetic products are flooding the markets, beauticians and skin care specialists are going back to the days of our mothers. They are advising to hold on the age-old home made products to keep your closer to nature. It is nature’s winds that turn your skin dry, yet it is nature that guards the secret to your beautiful skin

Our skin is made up of different layers. The outer epithelial layer our epidermis is the most likely target of our environment as the harsh elements can hardly reach the dermal layer that lies below. The epidermis constantly peels off and rejuvenates.

But during this course of molting the skin looks dry and you tend to lose the natural glow that you were so proud of. The peeling off is more likely to occur during the winter months as the winds are dry and squeeze out the natural oily texture of the skin. Again there are many who are allergic to the cold environment.