SmartBeads BPS

By on October 19, 2011

9AA6 finished SmartBeads BPS

SmartBead BPS™, or Bead Positioning System, has a silicone lining that grips chain to keep beads in place. Easy to position or reposition.

: : : Materials : : :
  • SmartBead BPS™
  • Caprice chain
  • Snake chain
  • Leather cord
  • Rubber cord
  • Wire
  • Silk cord
End of Materials List
Step 1
Remove the eye-end of the clasp from one end of a caprice chain. (See “How to Remove the End on a Caprice Chain”.)
Step 2
Slide the Smart Bead (or beads) onto the caprice chain.

SmartBeads Design Tip: SmartBeads may be used to hold focal beads in place on the caprice chain, and because they don’t lock down on the chain they are easily re-arranged to frequently update your designs.

Step 3
Twist the eye-end back onto the end of the chain to secure the bead or beads in place.