Smokey eyes make-up for the winter 2012

By on September 30, 2011

The most trendy smokey eyes make-up for the winter 2012 back to dress in dark colors and extremely intense, but does not give a hint of sensuality, thanks to intense heat to the metal glows art. The smokey for the winter … it’s dark, but very sensual and intriguing, is the perfect makeup for the night dedicated to fun. Disappear, the happy colors, and vitamins, the color palette to make up for the coolest winter provides plenty of presence of black, gray, forest green, burgundy and midnight blue, all claims by intermittent flashes of silver metal, old gold and bronze darker.
Smokey makeup is an evergreen that season after season, confirms the top of the make-up trends, but constantly evolving and adapting to the changing fashions of the moment. Therefore for the winter 2012 smokey pulls out his soul more intense and sensual, thanks to a clever mix of dark colors and shimmering powder.
Making a perfect smokey eyes for winter 2012 is not particularly complicated, but a trick so intense eyes, not to appear heavy or vulgar, must be well balanced with the rest of the make-up, which results in a very natural and matte makeup base bare lips or otherwise “painted” with soft colors.

The most glamorous smokey makeup is made of dark colors and intense, perfect classic black, gray and very trendy the dark green, midnight blue and burgundy. To get a cool evening makeup I recommend you apply a shadow or a pencil in a shade darker on the upper eyelid and to blend into the crease of the eye shadow to create intense. Darkened by the rhyme with the eye and the hairline of the lashes and applied as a finishing touch to the center of the eyelid and inner corner of iridescent powder can turn the trick intriguing reflections.

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