Smoky Eye shadow

By on December 6, 2011

 Smoky Eye shadow

Smoky or Smokey Eye must be the most popular evening look of all time. Most women who say they want a Smoky Eye are not ready for that much glamor. Now the Smoky Eye is available in Smoky Eye Sticks with the dark eye shadow color and a light highlighter.

Smoky Eye Sticks or Smoky Eye Shadows come in a variety of different colors. There are more colors that can achieve that Smoky Eye look, black was the first and after it’s success, Smoky Eye is full of color.

The advent of the colorful Smoky Eye has open the door to endless possibilities. Imagine the violet smoky eye, the deep green smoky eye and the deep blue smoky eye. All that is needed for a smoky eye look is an eye shadow shade that is dark, black eyeliner and a highlighter.

Smoky Eye shadow Application Tips:

  • Apply the smoky eye shadow first, even before the foundations
  • Always use an eye shadow primer, foundation, concealer and powder before eyeshadow. Your eye shadow application will remain fresh and the colors will be more vibrant.
  • Invest in several eye shadow brushes especially for blending
  • For the best smoky eye, start of with a little shadow at a time then blending and building by applying more until the desired effect is achieved.
  • The lightest color always goes on the skin below the eyebrow or the brow bone.
  • Apply the mascara last just after the eyeliner.

Smoky eye is not a look that is recommended for the office, PTA or the first time you meet his parents. Smoky eye might be a good look for a very special occasion, anytime you are having a drink and stepping out on the town.

Deciding to make the departure from the black only smoky to smoky eye shadow will mean you will probably need a whole new wardrobe. Smoky eye at the playground is a little over the top, but if you are planning to play when you paint the town, find a smoky eye shadow that matches your dress.

As with all eye makeup products, make sure they are ophthalmology tested. Enjoy the new colorful smoky eye just not during the day.