Spread Movie House

By on January 1, 2012

Openhouse, now known to many as ‘the Spread set’, is also located in the Hollywood Hills, and was designed by L.A. based Xten Architecture who were asked to custom build a cantilevered home that would jut out over the hillside, by previous owner Randolph Duke. As a fashion designer and stylist, Duke had the three-bedroom home designed with parties and photo shoots in mind. The 10ft tall retractable glass walls erase boundaries between inside and out, and allow fabulous views over Los Angeles from just about every angle of the home.

Bedroom retractable glass wall 665x498 Spread Movie House

The stepped and suspended structure, with first floor open living space and a master suite on the second, hovers over the twinkling city.

House with pool 665x498 Spread Movie House

Open plan home 665x443 Spread Movie House

Duke Residence 665x498 Spread Movie House

Hollywood home 665x443 Spread Movie House

Outdoor dining 665x449 Spread Movie House

Spread Movie Set House 665x254 Spread Movie House

The natural textures and stacked stonework rough the scheme out of predictable cool contemporary, resulting in an eye catching piece of design worthy of its film star status.

Panoramic views 665x443 Spread Movie House

Courtyard 665x443 Spread Movie House

Stacked stone fireplace 665x443 Spread Movie House

Minimalist Lounge 665x443 Spread Movie House