Summer Beauty Tips

By on October 28, 2011

summer beauty tips 300x199 Summer Beauty Tips

There are a lot of beauty tips for the summer because every woman has to make sure she looks great with the rough summer conditions. The tips usually revolve around protecting your hair, protecting you skin, making your makeup sweat proof and enhancing the glow.

Since it is exposed to the sun a lot, your hair needs to be protected. Use a leave on conditioner that helps prevent split end and damaged hair. Also, wash your hair as soon as you can after leaving a swimming pool. Leaving the chemicals of the pool on your hair will damage it severely.

For your skin, you have to understand the dangers of skin cancer and all of us need to protect ourselves. When exposing yourself to the sun, you meed to apply a sunscreen preferably a 40 SPF and higher. You also need to moisturise your skin regularly so it does not dry out and becomes flaky.

As for the makeup, use a powder instead of liquid foundation because it is better at resisting meltdowns (I have posted earlier about this in details).

Sun shades are a very good idea to protect your beautiful eyes. Get used to wearing one in the bright day light so your eyes don’t tire and keep on glowing.