Swarovski Crystal Beads Earrings

By on May 28, 2011

Making this pair of lovely Swarovski crystal beads earrings is really simple! You can make it in less than 10 minutes. This is really a very easy project. Use this simple and quick project to jump-start your jewelry making.

From this project, you will be able to quickly advance to make more complicated earring jewelry designs. So let’s gather the necessary jewelry making supplies and follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.


I use mostly silver for my projects but if this is your first project, then you should practice with base metal first since silver is more expensive.

grey swarovski crystal earr Swarovski Crystal Beads Earrings
Supplies needed for making earrings :

earrings supplies Swarovski Crystal Beads Earrings

1. Silver Ear Hooks
2. Silver Head Pins
3. Swarovski Crystal beads – 10mm Grey Round Beads
4. Wire Cutters
5. Flat-nose Pliers
6. Round-nose Pliers

Earring Making Instructions:

1. Follow the Basic Jewelry Making Technique to prepare the beads, like how to make beaded links and also beaded drops.
2. Using the flat-nose pliers, lift up the hook at the end of the ear-hook.

ear hook lift Swarovski Crystal Beads Earrings

Do not pull the hook apart – in so doing, the hook will be distorted and will not close back properly. Just lift up gently.
3. Insert the loop end of the bead to the ear-hook.
4. Use the flat-nose pliers to close the gap by flipping down the hook wire.