Swollen eyes and dark circles?

By on October 21, 2011

dark circles 300x222 Swollen eyes and dark circles?

Want to get rid once and for all of puffy eyes and dark circles? I understand you, and it is for this reason that today we will discover together a new “grandma’s remedies” against this annoying blemishes! Your eyes are really beautiful but unfortunately … it is not your home look of dark circles? Then why not try it with milk? It will seem trivial and obvious, but thanks to her grandmother’s old remedy this, the effect of purple under the eyes can be reduced, simply because of this effective trick!

After trying the classic cucumber and all other remedies to remove eye bags and dark circles, they are still there, steadfast and more evident than ever before your eyes the poor?

Then you could try to solve the problem with milk, drink, however, gives brightness and radiance to your body.

How do? Nothing is easier! Soak two cotton pads in a bowl with fresh milk (and whole) cow. At this point the two resting cotton pads over your closed eyes and hold on for half an hour, rinse with cool water and you’re done!

If you have the right patience and dedication, you’ll soon notice the results. The eye area is noticeably smoother and bags under the eyes will be significantly diminished, try it girls!