Thai Fried Banana

By on October 23, 2011

FriedBanana Thai Fried Banana

Thai Fried Banana Ingredients for 24 pieces

24 spring roll wrappers (square)

1 plantain (thinly sliced round)

1 egg (beaten)

3 cups of vegetable oil

Fried Banana Directions

• Lay the spring roll wrapper on a cutting board, then add 1 piece of sliced banana in the middle and fold the bottom edge of the right corner to the edge of the top left corner.

Raw Fried Banana Thai Fried Banana

• This will make 1 piece in triangle shape.

Fried Banana Thai Fried Banana

• Seal 3 corners with egg and repeat until done. • Heat the oil in a wok and wait until the oil is hot.

• Deep fry the dessert until golden brown.

• Drain on a paper towel to remove some oil.

• Save the rest of the uncooked snacks in the freezer, if needed.

• Decorate your pieces of fried banana with slice apples, vanilla ice cream and whip cream. Squeeze some honey on the fried banana.

• Ready to eat!