The Benefits of Breastfeeding

By on November 24, 2011

 The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Modern women think that breastfeeding may cause beauty or ‘shape’ problems. But actually breast feeding has many many benefits. Scientific researches indicates that breastfeeding is beneficial for both the mother and the baby. Lactating is known to help prevent a number of diseases such as breast cancer for the mother and obesity for the baby. However, it is also believed to be beneficial to the entire family.

Benefits for Baby

Breastfeeding is essential for good physical and psychological development. Breast milk contains all the nutrients a child needs during the first six months of life. It even contains enough water so that it does not need to be supplemented. All essential vitamins and minerals are in just the right amounts. It also contains enzymes, including a special enzyme, lipase, which helps digest fats.  Included are antibodies and endorphins, a chemical which helps suppress pain.

Breast-fed babies develop a stronger bond with their mothers and are generally less frustrated. They are less likely to develop diseases such as juvenile arthritis or multiple sclerosis. Premature babies also benefit. The milk produced by mothers who had premature babies is different in consistency. Throughout the first month the baby is much stronger. This is because of the colostrums which is made by the mother’s body. It provides necessary antibodies to enable the baby to fight off diseases and other bodily intruders.

Breast Feeding Benefits for Mother

Studies show that mothers also reap benefits from breastfeeding their baby. One advantage is that they will lose weight faster and have less of a chance of bleeding after delivery.  Breastfeeding also decreases the chances that the mother will develop breast cancer, anemia and osteoporosis.
While they are lactating, it is less likely that she will become pregnant. However, it is not a proven contraceptive and it is important to see a doctor who can suggest an additional form of contraception.

Familial Benefits

Breastfeeding can be beneficial for the entire family. For one, it is much more economical. There is no formula to purchase and less trips to the doctor because of the health benefits for the baby. The breastfed baby is generally happier and therefore cries less. This can help the whole family be more relaxed.

Breastfeeding is also considered an environmentally friendly act. Since there is no pre-packaging it avoids the use of aluminum, plastic and other materials that are not biodegradable.


Scientific data suggests that breastfeeding is advantageous across the board. It helps the environment, the family and of course the mother and baby.