The Curly Bun Hair Style

By on November 4, 2011

gallerypic The Curly Bun Hair Style

This style is easy to do once you have mastered the basic bun.

step 1 The Curly Bun Hair Style

This style works well with hair that is layered. To start this style, take a small front section of hair, part in the center, and braid the hair all the way back.

Now take all the remaining hair and make a ponytail using a small scrunchie. Twist the length of hair loosely, pulling out stray hairs to stick out. Coil the hair as you would with a normal bun, and tuck the end back into the scrunchie underneath.

Use hairpins and bobby pins to hold the bun in place. Using a curling iron, curl all the short stray hairs you pulled out previously and arrange to decorate the bun.

Use hairspray if necessary to hold in place.

A pretty pair of hairsticks completes the look.