The Health of Your Feet

By on October 29, 2011

 The Health of Your Feet

Here are some tips to help you maintain healthy feet:

1- Wash Your feet on daily basis and especially the area between the toes. Follow the washing by applying a moisturizing cream all over your feet except for the area between the toes (it is better to keep this area dry).

2- Wear good and quality socks; this is very important to maintain healthy feet. Make sure the socks are comfortable, and fit your foot perfectly. Synthetic fiber blend or cotton socks are a good choice since they are comfortable and keep your feet dry.

3- Trim your toe nails frequetly. Try to trim them straight to minimize the risk of ingrown nails

4- Wear comfortable shoes that fit well to keep the feet relaxed and stress-free.

5- If your feet itch, this could be a signal of fungal infection. Dont ignore them; visit your skin doctor and follow his advice for fast relief.