The Most Beautiful Charlize Theron’s Hairstyles

By on December 21, 2011

Charlize Theron has a distinctive style. That “unique” style is defined by her hairstyles just as much as her attire. Her face never changes, but blends with each new hair cut, style, and color. For example, I think a medium blonde hair color looks perfect on her, even though her hair has been dyed from blonde, to brown, to black. Black is a bit too strong for her delicate features; however, it is far from being over-the-top. In my opinion the biggest asset that Charlize Theron has going for her are her facial features. They are chameleon like. Able to change without much notice, but nevertheless striking.

A medium length cut is suitable for her oval shaped face. I recall seeing one photo of her with wavy shoulder length hair and frizzy bangs. It was a knockout. To me waves, bangs, or her hair pulled back from her face creates just the right balance for her features. I also remember a photo of Charlize with a very short haircut. I was surprised because I did not think she could pull something off like that, but she did superbly. The bangs had uneven edges; scallop like, with the rest of her hair four to six inches in length. It was young, vivacious and sexy.

charlize theron hairstyles The Most Beautiful Charlize Therons Hairstyles

Picture by: Tonya Wise / London Entertainment / Splash News

I recall another photo with Charlize wearing an upswept hairdo, similar to a beehive. Her long neck was shown off to perfection, while her features calmly created a classic ambiance with long sparkling earrings and her daring low-back dress certainly topped off the total look. It’s so few actresses that can change their entire charisma by the flick of her bangs, but Charlize manages to pull it off with aplomb.

You never know what look she’s going captivate us with next. Her hair designs never distract from her lovely face regardless of the style. I give kudos to her hairdresser and to her for having such good taste.