The Most Beautiful Victoria Secret Angels

By on December 22, 2011

Victoria Secret has owned the intimate wear business for several decades. They have had such great success all around the world because they have been able to produce the sexiest ladies wearing a great product. I know that the intimate wear that I have always purchased from Victoria Secret has been top quality and made me feel like a beautiful queen. When it comes to some of Victoria Secret’s most famous and beautiful models we would like to know what some of their beauty secrets are.

Heidi Klum is quite possibly the most famous Victoria Secret Angel of all time. For several years she was the Angel that was the face of the Victoria Secret empire. Her ability to stay youthful and beautiful was the talk of the town. One of the biggest secrets of Klum, Alessandra Ambrossio, Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, and Adriana Lima is that they are generally very young when the started modeling as Angels. I remember when I was 19 or 20 that I looked a lot younger and more youthful than I do in my 30s.

Another secret of the Victoria Secret Angels is the high attention to lighting, makeup, and fashion. Let’s face it, if we had the kind of people working on our hair, body, and clothes that these ladies do then we would all look better than we do. I have never personally had a million dollar makeover but we must all realize that these girls are the face of a million dollar business and receive a lot of attention.


heidiklum4 The Most Beautiful Victoria Secret Angels

I have never seen any of these girls in public but I imagine that they look a lot different in person without all of the makeup and personnel. Do not get me wrong, these are some of the most beautiful girls in the world but they are made to look like the image that Victoria Secret wants to project.

In conclusion, there are no secrets that would revolutionize the fashion world. There are no secrets as to how these Angels look so great. They are models, professionals that look beautiful, generally start young and have the best makeup artists in the business working for them. All of this makes for the most beautiful fashion models in the world.