The Proper Way to Wash Your Hair

By on October 29, 2011

 The Proper Way to Wash Your Hair

YES, you could be washing your hair the wrong way. You could be contributing to your hair damage everyday without knowing it. So here is the proper way to wash your hair.

First of all, you should comb the tangles out of your hair before washing it. If you wash before combing tangles, they might get even worse.

Alwasy start washing with warm water. Warm water opens the cuticles of the hair and will wash the dirt and oil away. If you like, you can finish by washing with cold water to close the cuticles and end up with more shine to your hair.

Always shampoo twice, the first shampoo will clean your hair and the next one will give you the most benefits out of the ingrediants in the shampoo. Think of the second shapoo as a hair treatment session.

Always apply a conditioner and let it soak by using a shower cap. Leave the conditioner on for around 10 minutes before you remove it completely.