The Right Way to Apply Eyeliner

By on October 28, 2011

 The Right Way to Apply Eyeliner

Applying eye liner could be difficult, even for the pros. Untill you get enough experiance, applying eye liner and especially the liquid form is very tricky.

First you should start with a pencil eye liner.It will help you practice and then you can move on to liquid eye liner. Pick the color of dark brown or black since brighter colors should be left for later when you are well experienced. You need to learn how to apply a clean straight line and then move on.

Sharpen the pencil eye liner to the desired level of boldness. Test the pencil on your hand to make sure your liner is sharpened to your liking.

Hold the pencil just like you hold any other pen or pencil.

Apply the color step by step to each portion of the eye. Doing it fast will result in an uneven line. Make sure you go slow and steady.

Once you master the steps above you can consider using liquid eye liner. When you have chosen the color of the liquid eye liner follow these steps:

1- Put on a series of small dot of liner across the edge of the upper eye lid
2- Smudge these with you finger for a smokey look or connect the dots with more liquid liner
3- Make sure the line starts out thin and then gets gradually thicker.

The liquid liner will give you the perfect look for an evening out.