The Secrets of Looking Good in Photographs

By on October 28, 2011

117833 The Secrets of Looking Good in Photographs

I know you are going to love these tips that are going to help you look great in photos

1- Moisturize and do not put makeup on dry skin. It will make you look pale and colorless in pictures.

2- Highlight areas of attention only. Wearing a highlighter all over the face will make you look bad. Highlight the eyes softly using a liquid highlighter starting from the outer edge of the brow and down to the Conner of the eye with a c shape.

3- Use a slightly darker foundation. It will add warmth to the picture.

4- Apply foundation lightly. Use just enough to cover imperfections.

5- Keep your eyes looking soft. Define your lashes, they will make your eyes look dramatic using a pencil eye liner. Use soft color for eye shadow such as gold or light blue and do not forget the mascara and a little curl.

6- Blush, but only on the tips of your cheeks.

7- Choose a pink or rose lip gloss or lip stick to add color to the picture.