The Secrets To A Fantastic Look of Jennifer Lopez

By on December 21, 2011

On one hand, we all love Jennifer Lopez. She is so talented and down to earth. But on the other hand, a little part of every woman burns with envy at the sight of those gorgeous lock that frame such a wonderful person. Has J Lo ever had a hairstyle that was chastised by the fashion police in glamour magazines? I really don’t think so.

The signature Jennifer Lopez look is the loose curls that hang down far past her shoulders. Instead of going for the full blown, tight curls, she opts for the more natural look. The bottoms have a loose curl, but the top of her hair remains relatively straight. Of course, that straight hair on the top still has body, volume, and flow to it. The end result is a classic look that any woman would kill for.

jennifer lopez with all new pics 5 The Secrets To A Fantastic Look of Jennifer Lopez

Even though those loose curls are a regular staple in her arsenal of awesome hair, Jennifer Lopez can also pull off the perfectly stick straight look. She has that kind of hair that you just want to touch when it’s straight because it is so glossy and shiny you just don’t believe that it is actually hair. It has to have diamonds or silk threaded right in. Nope, her hair is just that shiny. It doesn’t look dry or overworked. It looks completely effortless.


At some important events, such as Award Ceremonies or big nights out, Jennifer will put all that hair on top of her head. She normally pulls it all back into a bun that seems to defy gravity without many loose curls hanging out. On occasion she’ll attach a glitzy flower or headband for a bit of drama. No matter what she does, it always looks fantastic.

 The Secrets To A Fantastic Look of Jennifer Lopez

The secret to Jennifer’s fantastic look is that she never appears to be trying that hard. No matter what her hairstyle, it always looks like it fits her personality, her face, and her overall demeanor. Maybe the secret is how well she takes care of her hair. There are no split ends, it always looks healthy, and never looks dull. Ladies, instead of daydreaming about those locks, maybe it’s time for us to take a page from the book of J Lo. Let our inner radiance transfer through our hair and release itself in a glorious beam of beauty. I don’t know how else she could possibly do it.