Tinted Moisturizer

By on December 6, 2011

 Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers are great when just a little coverage is enough. Tinted moisturizers are often used by women as the light foundation that’s great for the weekend, quick trip to the market or little league.

Tinted moisturizers are made only for the lightest coverage and generally come in skin formulas that cater to women with dry skin, normal or oily. Be aware that water based tinted moisturizers often dry quickly and usually matte. Work in a little of the tinted moisturizer a little at a time, in a small area, then go on to the next. A good example would be to apply the water based tinted moisturizer on the left side of your forehead then the right.

Working with a water based tinted moisturizer can be a challenge but they usually do a great job keeping oil from breathing through.

Tinted moisturizers for dry skin can often be very emollient requiring a loose power application over the tinted moisturizer to maintain even a little coverage.

Tinted Moisturizer Application Tips:

  • Use a concealer in problem areas for full coverage in just the right areas
  • Use a bronzer with your tinted moisturizer instead of your loose powder, you will have a polished look without the extra step.
  • Use your tinted moisturizer on your lips, then use a little concealer and powder before, applying lip liner, color and gloss. Lip color will last for hours without having to invest in a long wearing lipstick color.
  • Apply tinted moisturizer by applying a small dime size portion in the palm of your hand, then with your index finger, apply three dots on the forehead, cheeks, jaw and chin. Apply one dote to each eye then blend in. Upward strokes and outward strokes.

The colors that tinted moisturizers come in are often light, medium and tan. Some cosmetic companies have a full color spectrum of tinted moisturizers to chose from. Always look for a tinted moisturizer that has the same color undertones. Fair skin can have golden undertones or red, giving them a pink color. Golden undertones can be very fair or dark.

Obviously the wrong color tinted moisturizer will be an avoidable mistake. Insist on having a look at any foundation color in the daylight. There is never a problem with quality cosmetic companies in quality stores.