Tips For Caring Nails

By on January 5, 2012

Nail Tips Care Tips For Caring Nails

  • Diet plays a significant role in nail care. Indulge in lots of leafy vegetables and fruits. Foods containing calcium and zinc are known to promote the growth of nails.
  • Along with the feet and hands, the nails should also be regularly kept moisturized. Trimming is vital to prevent nail breakages and make them look clean and trendy. Overgrown nails look clumsy. So, always file them and keep them short.
  • Women who do lots of daily household chores such as washing, cleaning, gardening, and scrubbing are often more exposed to nail problems. Wearing rubber gloves while doing housework can protect the nails from harm.
  • Before going to bed, rub a little bit of petroleum jelly on the nails. This will keep your nails well hydrated and prevent breakages due to drying.
  • Never keep nail polish for long durations as it can spoil the surface of the nails. So, make sure that you remove the nail polish from time to time using a nail polish remover. However, take care not to use the nail polish remover more than once a week or it can cause dry nails.
  • Soaking the nails in olive oil for 20 minutes on alternate days is one of the most effective ways of softening them.