Tips for cleaning marble

By on November 4, 2011

Marble is a very popular material in the decoration, not only for his versatility to work, but also for its beauty and glamor that gives environments. May be present in many ways but in most cases is on the floor of the rooms or on the stairs. Most are white and that is why many opt for it because decorative beauty is unique. The problem arises when it comes to our stained material for daily use and other natural bad.

cleaning marble Tips for cleaning marble

Remember marble is a porous material to this is clearly very important that should be cleaned quickly when wet and thus prevent stains from penetrating. Bleach and similar compounds can permanently damage by a high degree of acidity so it is unwise to use this for general cleaning. A damp cloth is usually sufficient for this purpose.

A good coat of wax is never over, it can be done every so often, usually every 3 months. This will protect the outer layer, the brighten and also make it much easier to clean after-wards.

Avoid wetting the area unnecessarily. The shoe can affect the area so avoids problems placing some carpets in the hallways or doorways. Finally do not forget to polish the marble machine all at least once every 3 or 4 years. This will ensure its beauty for a long time.

Marble is one of the faces excellence noblest and most expensive we can use in decoration, so their care is critical to not remain as opaque and always freshly placed.

In the case of white marble in your countertops, recommended for cleaning is to prepare a solution with 1 / 2 cup of hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice applied to the entire surface with a damp sponge, and leave overnight, then the next day, rinse thoroughly, clean as custom and very carefully with a dry cotton cloth. Finally apply a coat of clear wax and polish.

For the case of colored marble and want to enhance your natural reflexes and remove any stains that could be obtained with use and time, it is best cleaned with a jet of liquid detergent, A tablespoon of gasoline and a tablespoon of paste wax colorless. First link should thoroughly wash the marble surface with grooves and detergent to remove stains, then with a cotton cloth, and a tablespoon of gasoline have to rub the surface, then rinse thoroughly and finally apply the wax and polishing.