Tips to Apply Eye Shadow on Green Eyes

By on November 10, 2011

angelina jolie beautiful face 013u Tips to Apply Eye Shadow on Green Eyes

· The first thing that you must remember is to never match your eye shadow with
the colour of your eyes, unless you have grey eyes.

· Warm colours like brown, bronze, gold, peach, deep green, copper, medium pink
and apricot are excellent choices to play around. Also deep purple, plum, mauve
and lilacs bring out the green of your eyes.

· These colours are all on the opposite side of the colour wheel and they tend to
brighten the whites of your eyes, so you won’t go wrong when using any of these

· For highlighters, you can use taupe or light apricot or even light beige colours,
depending on the medium colour that you are going to apply in the fold of your

· Avoid using cool colours like blue, white, silver and pastels as this will give you a
washed out and weary look.

· When it comes to eyeliner, you can use brown, golden brown, deep purple, steel
grey or black for a very dramatic look. If your eyes are very small, then you can
use gold or white eyeliner pencil just to open them up.

· You can never go wrong with black mascara.