Tips to Apply Eyeshadow on Blue Eyes

By on November 10, 2011

rb smokey blue eyeshadow 47 0809 mdn Tips to Apply Eyeshadow on Blue Eyes

Ladies, consider yourself lucky if you are one of those fortunate ones with baby blue
eyes. Someone can get lost in them already, but just imagine what the correct eye shadow
colour will do to make them pop.

· The best shades to use when you have blue eyes are brown, gold, peach,
chocolate, rust and shades of orange. One of the best shades to make those blue
eyes pop is especially a chocolate brown.

· You can even use shades of purple and plum together with grey or light lavender
shade and then just quickly adjust it by going darker if you are planning a night
out with friends.

· Again, do not use blue eye shadow on your eyes as this will only make your baby
blues dull.

· You can apply shimmering silver in the crease of your eye to enliven it a bit.

· If you want to apply eyeliner, you can use browns or bronzy colours during the
day and black in the evening.

· You also get to choose between brown or black mascara.