Tips to Apply Eyeshadow on Brown Eyes

By on November 10, 2011

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Hello brown-eyed lady! You are very lucky, because you have a lot more options when it
comes to eye shadow colours. Since the pigment of your eye is already dark, few colours
will clash with it. You can use a variety of shades combined or on their own to make your
eyes beautiful!
· Colours like blue, grey, plum, brown, gold, vanilla and different shades of violet
and purple all make your eyes more appealing. Opt for gold, brown, pink and
bronze to make your eyes look pretty.
· For day make-up, keep your make-up soft and lighter than the brown of your eyes
and for evening make-up, be brave and use bolder, darker colours.
· You also have the option to use lighter eye shadow colours such as champagne,
light pink, peach and taupe to make your eyes brighter and darker colours such as
grey and charcoal for that smoky effect.
· Apply black mascara in two coats to finish off your look.