Tips to Apply Eyeshadow on Grey Eyes

By on November 10, 2011

pict1 Tips to Apply Eyeshadow on Grey Eyes

If you have grey eyes, you must consider yourself very unique and this must be shown

· It is nice to know that when you have grey eyes, you can actually wear colours in
a darker variant than your eye colour such as deep grey, dark silver and black.

· The darker you go with your eye shadow, the more it will bring attention to your
natural eye colour and make it stand out. Even try out the smoky eye look as this
will look awesome with your grey eyes. This does not necessarily mean that it has
to be black; you can get a smoky look by using darker shades of purple as well.

· You can also use complimentary colours such as deep browns and purple for a
dramatic night time look. Have a look at eye shadow colours that work for blue
eyes as well as some of these colours, like pebble, pearl and bronze, work well for
both eye colours.

· Stick to dark brown or black eyeliners as this will give the eye more definition.

· The best choice for mascara will be black as this will keep your eyes well