Tips to make your own tv room

By on November 4, 2011

The TV room can be converted into a living space of the house. In particular, we love watching television, we love to sit in a comfortable and give that distractor device all the attention it deserves. Moreover, we enjoy it more when we can share the moment, although it sounds contradictory to others.

Currently, TVs are so light and thin that do not involve a big problem if it find location. Moreover, being so light, you can easily hang on the wall or place them in an entertainment center that are not necessarily so large and heavy.

tv room01 Tips to make your own tv room

So if you’re seeking to renew or create your TV room or a space dock annex to your room or dining room, and make it the ideal place to watch movies, Czech some basic tips to keep in mind.

Furniture in general:

– According to TV type you have, consider the type of furniture. There are various models of market entertainment centers levels, shelves and drawers that can help you arrange your space.

– If you hang your TV, consider what furniture used for the other elements that will accompany your TV: video games, video players, Home theater, etc. Think of the connections and how will the cables. Nothing worse than a roll of cables cluttering the wall.

– At least one coffee table is necessary because it’s definitely a movie involves eating and drinking something. If you do not have much space, consider side tables.

– The main thing is that the television becomes the focal point your space, that is, is the center of attention in the room. All other furniture and revolve around him, so that the furniture or at least the principal seat, must accommodate the way that everyone feels comfortable there and have a perfect view of the TV.

Lighting and Colors:

– Try the color of the wall where the TV is located is a neutral tone and clear. A bright color can be distracting.

– Consider reinforce the curtains if your living room has a window, to make the place feel more like a movie and let you watch TV with more emotion. You can put a curtain or a blind double in dark tones.

– One option is to place a gradual enlightenment, that allows you to level it at the time and the use you give your room. You can do gradual lighting or lighting focal points in the walls or the armchair.

– You can also locate a Contemporary floor lamp, Or according to your decor, to a corner of your room.

tv room02 Tips to make your own tv room

Separate rooms:

– If you attach your TV room to another room in your house, think about how to achieve separation of the environments. You can use a screen or one of those folding doors.

For example, in a friend’s house, the TV room is attached to the kitchen, separation is a bar which was great since we could easily move the food and drinks from the kitchen to the living room and talk while preparing the dishes. All these ideas will have served to throw to create your own TV room.