Tips to prevent burglaries

By on December 4, 2011

While agouties will go on holiday, it is important to remember that burglaries are still relevant. How to leave your house or apartment safe? Here are some simple tips that could save you a break.Each year, thousands of families are robbed, causing a real trauma for each of its members. Therefore, it is essential to take precautions, especially during holiday periods. 10 simple tips to avoid the risk of burglary:

 Tips to prevent burglaries

1 ) Lock all exit doors, windows, everything must be lockable. Please check several times, this action is essential. 

2 )Invest in a good lock. This purchase can save you lots of trouble without breaking the bank.

3 )Invest in a security door. Additional security and better insulation: the two into one.

4 )Ask someone to go to meet the letter and show a presence.

5 )Alternatively, you can ask the police to round near your home.

6 )Ask the postmaster to stop the distribution of your mail while on vacation.

7 ) Do not reveal your lack of messaging or the Internet.

8 )Invest in home alarm systems.

9 )Try to put yourself in the shoes of a thief only to find opportunities around your home.

10 )Finally, leave your phone number to your neighbors.

The choice of burglars often does a thread. With these security steps, you can go on vacation in peace.