Tissue Wrapping Paper Pouch

By on January 4, 2012

For a small-to-medium sized, fairly light-weight unboxed gift, a simple gift pouch is a useful gift wrapping solution. All you need for a well-dressed gift is a few sheets of colored gift tissue (white is OK too) and curling ribbon or other decorative tie.


Before you begin:


    • If the gift has bold markings, choose a darker colored gift tissue so you can conceal the gift with a minimum number of layers.
    • If the gift is fragile: Before making the gift pouch, loosely roll a small, very light-weight gift in a separate piece of tissue wrapping paper. Or, wrap a larger gift in bubble wrap, as the pouch itself may not provide enough protection.
    • If the gift has sharp corners or protruding parts, roll it in bubble wrap to avoid tearing your gift tissue (or, you can surround the gift with crumpled paper inside a plastic bag).
  • Tissue wrapping paper ain’t what it used to be. In retail gift wrapping departments, gift tissue is getting smaller. Now 20″ x 20″ is common, or 18″ x 20″ – barely enough to make a medium-sized pouch (as shown below). Sometimes you can find 20″ x 26″ – but often, only in white.The good news is that Dick Blick carries a very enticing variety of tissue paper in 20″ x 30″ sheets. The price is reasonable, too, and that extra 10″-12″ makes a world of difference!


How to Make a Tissue Paper Pouch

criscross tissue3 Tissue Wrapping Paper Pouch bear on plate2 Tissue Wrapping Paper Pouch
1) Arrange 2-4 sheets of tissue wrapping paper into a circle that will reach 6″-8″ inches above the gift all around. For a larger gift, use double sheets, overlapped and taped together. Then center the gift on the paper. 2) If your gift has an unusual shape that does not sit flat on the bottom, slip a thick paper plate or rigid circle of cardboard under the gift to provide a nice flat bottom and lend stability to your gift pouch. 
gather up tissue Tissue Wrapping Paper Pouch squeeze neck Tissue Wrapping Paper Pouch
3) Draw the edges of the tissue paper up and over the gift. Be sure the edges lie flat, with no gaps where they overlap, and that all the ends are drawn up over the gift.  4) Gather the gift tissue into a neck, leaving the ends loose above it, and tuck under any short ends. 
tie at neck Tissue Wrapping Paper Pouch curl curling ribbon Tissue Wrapping Paper Pouch
5) With a length of ribbon or decorative cord, tie the gathered tissue snugly at the neck. Curling ribbon is a good choice. Here, I’ve used several strands.  6) To make curling ribbon curls, draw a blade of your scissors along the inside curve of the ribbon. Pull gently for loose curls, more firmly for tighter curls.
fluff tissue top Tissue Wrapping Paper Pouch tissue paper pouch2 Tissue Wrapping Paper Pouch
7) Finishing touches: Separate and fluff the ends of the tissue wrapping paper that extend above the neck of your pouch. Arrange the curls attractively, maybe with some peeking out between the fluffs of gift tissue. 8) Don’t these curls look nice cascading beneath the fluffed tissue paper? There’s just one more little detail: a gift tag. Tie it onto the ribbon, or insert it into the fluffed tissue ends (use a bit of double-stick tape, if needed).

One more great feature of a gift pouch: If your gift is intended to be a surprise, this pouch will keep them guessing. Use bubble wrap to conceal the shape of your well-dressed gift from curious, squeezing fingers!