Trouble Around The Eyes

By on October 29, 2011

 Trouble Around The Eyes

The thin skin around your eyes is very delicate and is the first to show signs of fatigue. So what can we do about it ?

The Main reason for these signs of fatigue is loss of moisture. To keep your eyes healthy, apply an eye moisturizer everyday.

You can also cover it up by patting a concealer with your ring finger. The warmth from your finger will help the skin absorb the product quickly.

Dark circles, everybody hates them. They can be genetic or caused by an unhealthy life style. What to do about them ?

The biggest tip here is to make sure your concealer blends well with the foundation and has the same tone as your skin. When using the concealer, choose a moisturized concealer to keep looking fresh.

Crying, allergies, smoke and pollution can all cause dry eyes and will make them look red and sore. what to do ?

Prepare you skin as to prevent eyeshadow creasing. Clearn the eye area very well before you apply makeup. You can hide the redness at the corner of the eyes by usin a sheer concealer which should be applied with a pen or a fine brush. Then apply eye shadow to cover the reddness on the eyelinds