Vintage style loft environments

By on November 30, 2011

It’s no secret that loft cutting environments are very popular today. No room is safe from having that much like industrial touch. This is due to its spacious attached to structures that no longer need that much imagination to decorate.

loft environment01 Vintage style loft environments

Moreover nothing better than combining it with another style that is currently booming talk about the vintage style. Both can complement very well in a very straightforward single-spaced and fully functional from an objective viewpoint.

The tones can create a total innovation. The pink or fuchsia can go very well combined with the cold gray or white of structures. There’s really no clear rules in this regard so well you can play with the color palette.

Most industrial finishes will be in areas such as roof, walls and divisions. It is time then to give the former furnished retro touch and of course, furniture in different sizes and shapes.

loft environment02 Vintage style loft environments

Overall it is perfectly square cut in areas such as lounge and dining room this not to mention that the tables can be that way always staying within the standards that dictates the style loft.

The dormitories are distributed according to the number of objects want to place, but enough to have a couple of tables and a bed to make the environment a very vintage style without losing much less comfort. Do not miss the opportunity to make the splendor of the spaces with the correct accessories.