Waxing At Home

By on October 29, 2011

 Waxing At Home

Waxing at home is not that hard and is the perfect way to get rid of all the wanted haird quickly and whenever you want to.

Things you need to know before you wax:

Whenever you buy a waxing product, always read the instructions. This way you will avoid burns and red spots.

Never, ever try to wax after a sun bath. Your skin is already burnt and you do not want to complicate things.

Here is how to wax:

Place towels on the floor beneath you to avoid dropping wax on the floor.

Have everything you need right next to you, you do not want to leave the area you are working in while waxing.

Apply the warm wax using a stick on the area you are working and then tear it in the direction of hair growth. If you tear it at ninty degrees your sking will stretch and it will really hurt and you will end up with bruises.

Hold the skin down a you tear to reduce the pain.

Repeat the above on a different area.