What to clean every day

By on November 4, 2011

Do not we all know exactly what to do to clean a house. We can understand what tools we need, how to use them and we can draw a diagram useful to know what to clean every day and to use appliances to help clean the house. There are things that should be cleaned every day. It ‘a matter of getting used to do some simple gestures, but few precise, at specific times of the day.

cleaning house What to clean every day

After Meals:
Rigorously washed the dishes in this order: glasses, cutlery, dishes and pots and finally, pass a cloth and then a rag on the sink to remove the scale, pick up the crumbs from the table with the towel, go another cloth on all surfaces of the kitchen and past the broom on the ground. To have a smaller volume of dishes to wash, used plates and cups plastic cutlery and utensils you will only be washed by hand. If you have a dishwasher, rinse the dishes and store them in the appliance, but do not attach only if it is full, which could occur after a meal. Attach the dishwasher half empty would be a waste of water and energy.

Must first be swept or vacuumed or both if you know you have very dirty, then fitted with a bucket with water and detergent diluted and another to wring out the cloth, move it across the floor with his stick, and if the floor is as dirty, repeat the operation again, after the floor has dried. If you have a parquet pass the appropriate product. If you have a marble floor, after washing, the wax passed following the instructions on the package: direct or diluted, the wax helps to shine bright and make your floor. Also you can take cleaning service from professional cleaning company who are perform any cleanup required by the client.

Should be cleaned thoroughly. Wipe with a cloth degreaser, disinfectant on the scale and health, with a rag soaked in multipurpose detergent for glasses or clean the mirrors, you put the disinfectant for the toilet and after leaving it for a few minutes, elbow grease into the cup with a special sponge for scrubbing. Cleaned and disinfected if necessary let it soak in bleach or disinfectant for some half an hour for the toilet brush. Finally wash the floor after it swept and changed the towels.

With a cloth or a rag or with the quilt soaked in multipurpose or dust, remove the dust from all surfaces, furniture, TV, books, work plans and support, ornaments, pictures, given a pass even switches, panels and door handles.

The Kitchen:
Clean the oven with the appropriate detergent and follow the instructions on the package: a cloth used only for this operation. Empty and clean the fridge with a rag soaked in degreaser or purpose and if necessary pass the vinegar with a cloth: it helps to remove unpleasant odors. Use a damp cloth soaked in multipurpose degreaser or on the doors of the furniture and all kitchen surfaces. Wash and disinfect the bin. Pass the lime on the kitchen sink.