Where to Store Your Perfume

By on October 29, 2011

 Where to Store Your Perfume

It is well know that you need to store perfume away from direct light and in the place where the temperature is cool and humidity is low. Our first intuition is to store perfume in the refrigerator but it is not really a good idea to place perfume and fragrances with our food. So where else can perfume be stored?

Heat is bad for perfume, but frequent changes in temperature is even worse. Since we move our fragrances from and into the refrigerator, it is not a good idea to store them there because of the fluctuation in temperature.

Humidity is also very bad for perfume, so forget about storing the fragrances in the bathroom.

The best place to store fragrances is inside closets, boxes, or makeup drawers. These places are dark, dry, and have a constant temperature most of the times.

An additional tip is something most of us won’t expect. Fragrances should not be shaken too much and therefore it is a bad idea to carry them in our hand bags. Here, again, closets and boxes are good choices since they keep your fragrances stable.